Ethical Vision was formed in 1999 to offer products and services for the face and Body. After many years of wanting to improve personal body image and experiencing expensive, sub standard therapies even rejection and humiliation we felt that much more could be done to offer a good quality service whilst maintaining client dignity. In these days of high profile marketing it is almost impossible to work out who really can offer "the best" treatments. We strive to ensure that the services we offer utilises the most effective technology coupled with our "best practice" philosophy. This means that we work in empathy with our clients rather than the more commonly found "This is what we do" approach.

Linking Healthcare and Beauty with Affordable Treatments

The treatments we offer are clinically orientated and create a balance between Traditional Healthcare Institutions and easily accessible Salons. We liaise closely with the medical profession to create the best results and pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients achieve their expectations with us.

The Clinic is licensed and approved by the Department of Health through the Healthcare Commission. Only fully qualified Practitioners carry out procedures to ensure that we achieve the greatest level of clinical effectiveness without compromising client safety. Our Practitioners have all worked in both Hospitals and smaller Medical Centres and with a total of more than 40 years experience have an acute sense of awareness towards personal expectations.

We concentrate on treatments that we know we are good at and are therefore able to offer the highest levels of quality at a sensible price. Whether you visit us for a single session in your lunch hour or for a range of complex treatments over several months, we want you to come away feeling that you have been cared for in the best possible way.

As with all things, affordability can only be acheived by reconciling the various aspects within a business. Our focus is on equipment and products which are clinically proven and include some of the most up to date systems available anywhere. We source our therapies from Europe, North America and even the other side of the world, to ensure that "Value for Money" can live along side "Best Practice".

Our clinic is conveniently located just north of Southampton, close to the M3/M27, airport and mainline station about 1 hour from London.

"We believe that clients should expect to be treated as individuals in a comfortable and personal environment which respects total confidentiality"

The proprietor and principal therapist of the clinic, Emma Scully, who accepts nothing less than clinical excellence, has worked on a number of high profile projects within healthcare and has an acute sense of awareness of personal expectations. One of these projects included a Clinical Governance Programme, attended by Clinicians, Practitioners and some of the most senior members of the Healthcare Profession. Emma explained: "We constantly strive to improve the therapies and products we offer at this clinic because - only the best will do."

The phrase "Together We Make the Difference" which we use, isn't a clever gimmick, it really does represent our feelings that we can help, by working in harmony with each other. We focus on the treatments that we know we are good at and so are able to offer our clients the highest levels of quality, at a sensible price.