April 2004 - New 2004 Website

We hope that you are enjoying your visit to our brand new 2004 website. We have designed this to make it even easier to find the treatments and products that you are looking for. The site is filled with lots of really useful hints, tips and downloadable information documents to help you digest the information at your leisure.

We use the phrase "Together We Make the Difference!", this isn't simply a clever gimmick to fill a space. We have a passion for providing a service which is fully transparent and easy to understand. We believe that the only way to do this is by giving you the information you need, in order that you can make your informed choice.

Our helpline is available to offer advice, not to sell or cajole you into something you have not yet made a decision about.

Visit us regularly and see how the latest therapies and innovations can change the way we view the treatments available to us.

Thank you for visiting.
Emma Scully BSc. MBA. DSc
Ethical Vision