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Skin Care Gels

  • Cucumber Anti-stress Gel
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Arnica Gel
  • Collagen Gel
  • Massage Gel
  • Calendula Gel
  • Vitamin C Gel
  • Leg Soothing Gel
  • Vitamin E Gel
  • Body Firming Gel
  • The Simply Beautiful range of products balance nature's natural healing and regenerative properties with a concept of light, easily absorbed gels which can be used every day under make-up and without fear of residue or the stickiness normally associated with some skincare products. Simply Beautiful Gels refresh, invigorate, sooth and calm and support the body's own healing when the need to remove stress occurs.

    For more details on each product and how they can help, please click on the product links above.

    Cucumber Anti-stress Gel

    Vitamin A Enriched

    Cucumber is renowned for its cooling, soothing properties which help to eliminate puffiness and revive tired eyes.

    Enriched with Vitamin A, which is thought to help thicken the skin, thus eliminating dark circles and shadows. Similar to the age-old treatment of cucumber slices over eyes to soothe and cool. But in a bottle!

    Fantastic moisturiser for face and neck. Will not clog pores. Adds instant rehydration whilst leaving skin feeling wonderfully fresh and fragrant.

    Excellent under make-up as it leaves no sticky residue.

    Collagen Gel

    A Natural Product for Youthful Skin

    A light textured, water based, gel to gently moisturise and condition the skin without leaving a sticky residue.

    To be used as a general moisturiser under make-up or at bedtime. Can be used in conjunction with usual night cream.

    Collagen protein is known for its occlusive properties and may help to considerably reduce water evaporation when applied to the surface of the skin. Research has shown that used regularly, Simply Beautiful Collagen Gel may help to eliminate laughter lines and puffiness due to relaxed and dehydrated skin around the eyes and adds moisture to dry skin caused by ageing or natural elements.

    May help stretch marks associated with pregnancy or weight loss.

    Can be used in conjunction with non-surgical face lift therapies.

    Vitamin C Gel

    Anti - Oxidant Vitamin Therapy

    Simply Beautiful Vitamin C Gel is a light, non-sticky and non-comedogenic moisturiser.

    Ascorbic Acid (or Vitamin C) is an essential factor in in the formulation of amino acids which are necessary for the function of collagen.

    Research has shown that the skin is sensitive when Vitamin C levels are low, making it appear dull, lifeless and dry. Regular application of Simply Beautiful Vitamin C Gel may help to balance local deficiencies and assist in the fight against free radicals.

    Especially recommended for smokers and sunbathers.

    Readily absorbed, after use, skin assumes a healthy rosy glow with improved clarity and texture.

    Vitamin E Gel

    Protective Moisturiser

    A beautifully light, water based, natural moisturiser, which absorbs directly into the skin for protection against exposure to chemical pollutants, climate, smoke and other environmental stresses.

    Oil-free and non sticky Simply Beautiful Vitamin E locks moisture into dry, damaged skin making it smoother and healthier. Vitamin E is often used in preparations for Acne Treatments as it may help to reduce scarring. May also help to improve the skin's ability to absorb other substances making it more receptive to other aesthetic treatments.

    Aloe Vera Gel

    Soothing skin Core

    Simply Beautiful Soothing Gel is produced using 99.7% pure Aloe Vera.

    Aloe is a member of the lily family and the gel that exudes from the thick, rubbery, leaves has been used to treat heat damaged skin from ancient times.

    Aloe possesses healing and calming properties together with a natural sun filtering element, making it an excellent soothing agent for burnt or chapped skin.

    Excellent for use on skin exposed to X-Rays. Recommended for use on minor burns, insect bites and stings, windburn and chafing. After exposure to sun and sunbeds. After shaving and epilation treatments including electrolysis.

    Will absorb readily into skin leaving feeling cool and soothed.

    Massage Gel

    Cellulite Body Therapy with Juniper and Cypress

    A light water based easily absorbed formula. When used daily as part of a total body care programme, along with sensible diet and exercise, regular use of Massage Gel, with its essential oils, will help to stimulate circulation, beneath the epidermis and minimise unsightly bumps caused by deposits of fats and fluids.

    Simply Beautiful Gel contains extract of Juniper, which is used by aromatherapists, as a diuretic, working on the water logged fat cells known as cellulite. Juniper will help rid the body of excess fluid and toxins which build up in areas such as thighs, buttocks and upper arms, giving the skin a "Sponge like" appearance or "Orange peel" effect.

    Massage Gel also contains Cypress extract which is obtained from the fruit of the tree and is a pale oil with a woody balsamic aroma. It is often used as an antiseptic and as a general tonic to balance well-being. It helps to soothe menstrual problems and because of its diuretic effect, it is often used in preparations for the elimination of cellulite. It also has a vasoconstrictor effect on the veins and blends well with juniper.

    Wonderfully refreshing after bathing.

    Leg Smoothing Gel

    Natural Therapy for Leg Comfort

    A cool, refreshing turquoise gel which alleviates strain on tired and aching legs.

    A wonderful mix of ingredients which will moisturise and invigorates without feeling tacky or sticky.

    Menthol and camphor are both renowned for their stimulating effect in the circulatory system by increasing blood flow.

    Contains camomile for an anti-spasmodic effect, and arnica which is well noted for its soothing properties especially where aches, pains and feeling of heaviness are a problem. Witch-hazel is antiseptic and calming.

    Excellent during and after long flights to ease swelling and fluid build-up.

    Can also be massaged into temples for headache relief.

    Can be applied over tights or stockings throughout the day.

    Leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed.

    Body Firming Gel

    With Algae and Geranium

    A non oily gel with three active ingredients to help improve skin elasticity.

    Contains red algae, spotted geranium and multigrain barley extracts which together with sensible diet and exercise, may assist in both firming and toning of the skin to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Body fat accounts for 25% of a woman's weight and cellulite (deep and superficial lipid overload) causes cells to enlarge and deform the skin.

    Simply Beautiful Body firming Gel metabolises fat cells, thus improving skin tone, elasticity and circulation.

    Red algae extract, derived from seaweed, helps to break down cellulite reducing this "orange-peel" appearance.

    Geranium has an effect on the circulation, is toning and antiseptic.

    Barley grain renders the product calming and soothing.

    Arnica Gel

    Pure Homeopathic Therapy

    One of the more recent additions to the Simply Beautiful Range is a very old proven formula for the treatment of muscle soreness and bruising. Arnica Gel is excellent therapy for aches and pains resulting from over exertion, sprains, blows and sports contusions. The gel is easy to apply, non-oily and quickly absorbed by the skin.

    Arnica is a herb which grows in the north west region of the United states and in the mountains of Central Europe. The flower head is used to produce homeopathic remedies that for centuries have been used to relieve swelling and soreness.

    Homeopathy harnesses the healing properties of plants to treat aches and pains, by the stimulation of the body's own healing response. It is the oldest and most widely used form of natural medicine in the world today and has been particularly developed in Europe, where it originated.

    Arnica Gel is ideal for both adults and children, providing relief from general aches and if applied immediately after a fall or blow can help prevent bruising and pain developing.

    (Should not be used on broken skin)

    Produces no chill or burn feeling.

    Calendula Gel

    Natures "First Aid" Remedy

    The latest product from Simply Beautiful is Calendula Gel. Derived from Marigolds, Calendula has long been used by homeopaths to assist the treatment of cuts and abrasions. Clean and easy to use Simply Beautiful Calendula gel leaves the skin feeling fresh and clear.

    Will help the body to naturally heal superficial cuts, scrapes abrasions and minor scalds and to soothe sore or rough skin.

    We would like to express our thanks to SBC (Europe) Ltd and Pevonia for their help and assistance in providing the above information.