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Non Surgical FaceLifts


Developed in Sweden, the Q-Med Aesthetics' Programme is an effective and long lasting treatment to give you the look you desire. From Fine lines and wrinkles to facial contouring these natural products have a long record of success in more than Forty Countries. Each treatment is customised to the needs and wishes of the individual. We discuss the look you desire and recommend the best way to achieve it. Results are instantaneous and a session can often take less than 30 minutes.



Botox is the commercial trade name for a substance derived from Botulinum Bacterium which has been used for more than fifteen years in facial treatments.

The first approved use of this highly refined medicine was in the treatment of conditions created by involuntary muscle spasm. Following these treatments it was noted that some patients saw a significant reduction in natural wrinkle lines associated with musle movement.

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We would like to express our thanks to Q-MED-Esthetics for their help and assistance in providing the above information.